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Download BitMa(gi)c Converter (1.5 Mb)


BitMa(gi)c Converter is a Macintosh application to convert BitMagic .bm files so you can view them on your Macintosh. BitMagic files are funny (or not so funny) cartoons and games. New items are uploaded every day.


BitMagic has (to date) no Macintosh version of their BitPlayer so we made this conversion utility.


After you've downloaded BitMa(gi)c Converter, just point your web browser to the BitMagic Archive and download all archived items that seem interesting to you. Then launch BitMa(gi)c Converter and select the file you want to convert. It will be saved to the "Converted" folder as an .swf or .dcr file. Those files you can open in your browser if you have the right (Flash and Shockwave) plug-ins installed. For your convenience they are also shown in a preview window. You can also batch convert a whole folder of .bm files. However don't make this folder with the original .bm files too big since it takes more time to convert. Just make sub-folders with the latest items. Some items don't batch convert well. Please convert them one-by-one.

How much?

BitMa(gi)c Converter is freeware. No warranty whatsoever is made regarding this program. If it doesn't work on your Macintosh, just trash it. The makers of this application have no connection to BitMagic. You have permission to give BitMa(gi)c Converter to your friends, put it on CD-Roms, upload it to web- and ftp sites etc. as long as you don't change anything to this application and its files. All content downloaded from the BitMagic site is (c) BitMagic NV.

Doesn't work?

As stated earlier, we are very sorry. Remember: you can always trash this program. Some converted BitMagic games don't work well on the Mac, because they use special Windows keys or they need special files that are not included with the latest version of Shockwave. Too bad!

Minimum Requirements

BitMa(gi)c Converter requires a PowerPC equipped Macintosh computer with at least 6 Mb of free RAM.

Download BitMa(gi)c Converter now!(1.5 Mb)

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